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We combine creativity, usability and resolution

All our solutions are very easy to use. Intuitive and highly functional.

The software we develop is unique (without the use of ready-made codes) and can be evolved in the future if there is a need.

Vértice is a team specialized in software development and digital solutions, using state-of-the-art technology, transparency in its services and taking care of all stages of the development process of your project. We've turned your software idea into reality!

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Development of fully customized systems for your company and your needs.

Chatbots development for your business.

Development of Android and iOS applications. Make it easier for your customers to access your products.

Increase your sales creating a website with modern, responsive and easy-to-use design.

Illustration of a scale weighing money on one side and time on the other / software development in open scope
Open Scope
For complex system development, this maybe the best option.

In developing complex systems, it is difficult to predict all the real needs and requirements of the project, so it is normal to have little certainty about what is to be built, for example in innovation cases where there are frequent variations in the Therefore, it is possible to innovate while maintaining a fixed investment value. We value the interaction between people in the software development process and we believe this is the best way to develop something really new. In custom systems built with open scope, planning takes place with the client. A set of features to the project and the customer decides the best time to release the production.

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Illustration of a clipboard with marked checklists / Software development with closed scope
Closed scope
If you have a budget cap and a good detail of your project, the closed scope is right for you.

Custom systems built in the closed scope modality for clients with control over the cost and scope of the project, the time is estimated and can vary according to the customer interactions. We recommend that this model work on projects in which the client has had a high degree of certainty about the expected result, allowing for few variations throughout the development process. Our customized closed-scope system proposals are sent in self-service format and you will know how much each part of your software will cost. This format allows you to prioritize the requirements that are most important to the product and to dispense those with lower added value, thus optimizing the value of your project's investment.

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Illustration of a clipboard with checklists checked / Outsourcing software development
In some specific cases, outsourcing is a great choice!

By hiring Vértice Digital's remote allocation outsourcing, in addition to creating software projects from scratch, your company will be able to correct, adapt and evolve its management systems offering the support necessary for the best performance of its processes. We have a team of highly trained and experienced professionals in front-end and back-end development, design, requirements analysis, test automation and process management.

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